Get accurate and reliable replacement cost estimates with The Douglas Cost Guide, a trusted replacement cost valuation tool used by insurance professionals. It provides insurance industry professionals a comprehensive and reliable resource that brings all the pertinent cost-estimating information together. The Residential and Agricultural Cost Guides are both available in a simple online tool or in an easy-to-use manual. 

Professionals working in the insurance sector require the most accurate resources possible to generate reliable replacement cost estimates before they quote an insurance policy. The tools used to determine a rebuild valuation for insurance coverage must leverage the most up-to-date information on cost drivers and account for both size and structural factors of buildings. Architectural design, selected materials, and regional labour are additional factors that can differ between projects and affect the accuracy of rebuild estimates.  

Agriculture and Residential Rebuilding Cost Calculator for Insurance Premiums

The Douglas Cost Guides leverage more than 30 years of cost estimating experience along with the most current data available to provide reliable rebuild cost estimates for residential and agricultural construction in an easy-to-use online tool.   

A rebuild valuation for insurance coverage estimates is simple and straightforward using the guide, which was designed by brokers and insurance professionals. Enter baseline information such as square footage, building age, and location. Or make your valuations more accurate by adding specific structural details. 

The Douglas Cost Guide can estimate replacement for high-end materials, modifications required due to recent building code changes, and other nuanced costing factors. The Cost Guides are updated annually to include changes in the market and construction trends. 

Give your brokers the simple tools they need to provide more accurate valuations and ensure satisfied clients who have exactly the insurance coverage they need.

Work with the Industry Leaders in Replacement Cost Estimation

The Douglas Cost Guides allow people in the insurance industry to produce valuations and replacement estimates with consistent accuracy and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Quote insurance premiums based on reliable rebuild estimates  
  • Account for costs others may overlook.
  • Bring stakeholders into agreement about total rebuilds. 
  • Provide property owners with fact-based information.

Simple Replacement Cost Insurance Calculator

The Douglas Cost Guide is used to value the cost of rebuilding or replacing various dwellings and structures. Insurance professionals can trust our online replacement cost valuation tool when estimating these homes and agricultural buildings.

Residential Rebuilding Cost Calculator

Cost Valuation Tool for Agricultural Buildings

Provide Your Client’s with Accurate Insurance Estimates

When property valuations miss the mark, it can be costly to your clients, your brokerage, and your reputation. Produce detailed, accurate, and up-to-date property valuations and rebuild estimates with the industry standard in agricultural and residential rebuild estimates.  

Get started using the online replacement cost calculator trusted by experienced appraisers and insurance brokers and based on more than 30 years of real estate appraisal expertise.