If your agricultural business has suffered a loss due to fire or a natural catastrophe, rebuilding presents a series of challenges. One of the first hurdles you will need to clear is securing accurate estimates for structures that are generally outside the purview of many insurance adjusters. Getting a fair replacement cost estimate that professionals in the insurance, real estate, and construction sectors agree upon requires a specialized resource.

The Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide was developed from more than 30 years of construction and real estate appraisal knowledge regarding agricultural buildings. That wealth of detailed insight forms the basis of the foundational cost guide that people across sectors trust. Accurately calculating the replacement cost of machinery storage structures is an essential starting point for rebuilding.

Why Farm Machinery Storage Buildings are Difficult to Estimate

The hard-working people in the agricultural industry utilize tried-and-true methods while embracing breakthroughs. In a way, the evolution of farming practices has impacted structures. Families who have worked the land for generations often transform iconic buildings so they can be used to store modern equipment. The result is storage buildings that are hybrids comprised of classic wood, lightweight metals, and integrated technologies. An inexperienced appraiser calculating square footage against current building costs cannot account for the quality and intricacies of the loss.

Key Factors of Machinery Storage Replacement Cost

Having a baseline guide that can bring all the moving parts of an accurate estimate together is critical to getting a full, fair replacement estimate. This requires a resource that can effectively articulate the value of items such as post-and-beam construction, hybrid construction materials, specialized labour, unique designs, and aesthetics.

It’s important to consider that machinery storage facilities in the agricultural settings are not merely minimalist buildings like many in the commercial sector. Buildings on farms are part of the vibrant landscape and have inherent value beyond efficiency. Bringing all of those and other factors together calls for a resource that is supported by experience and accurate data.

Get A Mutually Agreeable Replacement Cost of Machinery Storage Structures 

The Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide stands as the most widely respected resource because Karl Douglas invested more than three decades into developing the definitive online and manual resource. Professionals across industries support its accuracy, and that means users can come together on a mutually agreeable replacement estimate. Having a baseline cost for key stakeholders to work from clears a major hurdle after suffering a loss. The Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide remains the industry standard that people trust.

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