The value of a reliable resource that can be used across industries to accurately calculate the replacement costs of building in the agricultural sector cannot be underestimated. When fire, severe weather, or other unforeseen circumstances damage buildings beyond repair, it’s essential that professionals in the insurance, farming, construction, and other areas can agree on an estimate to raze and rebuild. Fortunately, the Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide has emerged as a go-to resource, trusted by industry professionals delivering accurate replacement costs for barns and livestock facilities.

Calculating Replacement Costs for Barns and Livestock Facilities

It’s essential to keep in mind that each building — commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural — is inherently unique. This fact is an important one because it runs contrary to the common misconception that replacement cost estimates are simply a matter of calculating square footage. These are the reasons why only a resource specifically designed to calculate replacement costs in the farming and agricultural sector can deliver reliable accuracy.

  • Specialized Farming Materials:

    Agricultural buildings range from post-and-beam construction to galvanized steel and polypropylene-grated floors. The materials used in the farming industry can be vastly different among structures.

  • Architectural Design:

    Agricultural buildings vary from traditional red barns to state-of-the-art livestock facilities outfitted with modern technology. A complete database of architectural designs and associated costs is necessary to determine actual and unique replacement costs.

  • True Replacement Value:

    If agricultural structures have one thing in common with residential properties, it’s the fact that value and replacement costs are rarely the same. Value is generally based on what buyers will pay for the farm structure. Replacement estimates are based on materials, local labour, and peripheral cost escalators.

When our valuable farmers suffer a loss, it’s crucial that they receive the support necessary for swift farm and agricultural building replacement. Without a baseline resource that decision-makers can agree upon, getting family and large-scale farms up and running can be problematic.

Accurate Estimate the Replacement Cost of Barns and Livestock Facilities

The Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide stands as the most widely respected resource for determining the replacement cost of livestock facilities and barns because Karl Douglas invested more than 30 years into developing the online and manual resource that is reflective of Canadian standards and pricing. The guide puts in-depth and evolving expertise to work for professionals and farm owners alike. When all parties can come together on a mutually agreeable replacement estimate, that streamlines the process for our valuable agricultural community members. Simply put, the Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide is a resource key Canadian stakeholders can trust.