The Douglas Residential Cost Guide has been the most reliable tool for estimating the replacement costs for raised-ranch and bi-level homes for nearly a decade. The residential construction guide utilizes the same industry-leading principles that elevated the Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide to the gold standard for calculating actual cash value / depreciated values.

The Douglas Residential Cost Guide provides homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, and real estate professionals with the option of using a hard copy manual or an online resource that can be accessed by any electronic device. The result has put people across various industries on the same page in terms of uniform replacement cost estimates for raised ranches and bi-level homes.

Estimate the Replacement Cost of a Raised Ranch

One of the primary factors that lead homeowners, contractors, lenders, and insurance professionals to different replacement cost estimates is the nuances that make a home unique. A raised ranch home generally includes a dual staircase at the front door. One section leads to the upper floor, which often consists of the main living space. The living room, home office, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms are usually located on the upper level. This is a departure from many other styles.

What makes estimating replacement costs of a raised ranch home tricky is the lower level. Many homeowners create family spaces, children’s rooms, and even full in-law apartments on the lower floor. Those are factors that must be accounted for in a clear, concise manner. The Douglas Residential Cost Guide provides key stakeholders with an accurate and impartial cost assessment.

Estimate the Replacement Cost of a Bi-Level Home

Bi-level homes present a significant replacement cost challenge because there are numerous styles, and each home has unique aspects. Consider the structural differences between a one-and-a-half-storey, a bungalow, and a raised ranch. All have structural differences that must be accurately estimated so that the parties involved can agree on replacement costs.

Estimating Unique Features of Raised Ranch and Bi-Level Homes

The Douglas Residential Cost Guide replacement cost estimator tool considers unique features of a home that go beyond square footage calculations to determine the replacement costs for raised ranches and bi-level homes. These features include:

  • Plumbing fixtures of varying qualities
  • Full basement with or without finishes
  • Built-in appliances
  • Various options for heating systems and/or equipment

Accurate Replacement Cost Estimation for Bi-Level & Raised Ranch Homes

When faced with determining accurate replacement costs for a raised ranch or bi-level home, the Douglas Residential Cost Guide puts appraisers, lending institutions, contractors, insurance companies, adjusters, and homeowners all on the same page. The Douglas Residential Cost Guide earned a long-standing reputation for excellence and has emerged as the industry’s go-to resource. Our home replacement cost estimator helps streamline the process and is a reliable resource for homeowners.