After nearly a decade as a reliable resource, the Douglas Residential Cost Guide is proving to be a leading tool in terms of estimating the replacement cost of Canadian residential and agricultural structures. The same accurate principles used to determine Actual Cash / Depreciation Value in the industry-standard Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide have been employed to provide costing data within the residential construction industry. The result is a physical manual and online tool that offers homeowners and industry professionals accurate, uniform replacement cost estimates.

Replacement Cost for Bungalows You Can Trust

Determining an accurate replacement cost for Canadian bungalows that suffer partial or total losses requires an in-depth understanding of design, materials, and current construction expenses. Although all bungalows are not identical, the Douglas Residential Cost Guide enables users the ability to navigate within the design’s framework.

Broad front porches and iconic dormer windows rank among the anticipated replacement costs that differ from other single-storey home designs. Not only does the costing guide account for consistent construction expenses, it considers unique elements as well.

Replacement Cost For 1-Storey Home Rebuilds

Arriving at an accurate replacement cost for 1 storey home rebuilds entails far more than adding up a structure’s square-footage against regional building expenses. Today’s 1 storey homes have a wide range of value.

New homes may be considered within standard replacement measures. But high-end materials, unique designs, and the inclusion of emerging technologies can dramatically impact actual replacement costs. The Douglas Residential Cost Guide delivers refined estimates that take these and other considerations into account. That’s why the guide is widely accepted by professionals and homeowners alike.

The Douglas Residential Cost Guide Delivers Uniform Results

Perhaps the greatest challenge is bringing key stakeholders to the table to agree on replacement costs. Prior to the use of the Douglas Residential Cost Guide, appraisers, lending institutions, contractors and homeowners routinely arrived at different estimated replacement costs. Fortunately, the Douglas Residential Cost Guide delivers accurate estimates that are widely accepted, and factor in the most accurate and recent data.

By utilizing this reputable and reliable resource, mutually agreeable replacement costs can be delivered that are uniformly accepted. The Douglas Residential Cost Guide streamlines the valuation process for residential uses and has become a go-to online tool for estimating the rebuild cost of 1-storey dwellings along with many other styles.

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