The widely accepted use of the Douglas Residential Cost Guide has resulted in professionals across the housing industry to enjoy cost consensus by working with a single resource. The Douglas Residential Cost Guide allows insurance companies, brokers, agents, underwriters, loss prevention inspectors, adjusters, real estate appraisers, homeowners, and others, to come to a mutually agreeable replacement cost for a 2 storey house. The value of having all the key stakeholders on the same page cannot be understated. These are reasons why this is particularly important when a 2 storey home sustains damage or a total loss.

How to Estimate the Rebuild Cost of a Two Storey Home

When a homeowner loses their home to devastation, it’s essential to understand the inherent difference between a home’s value and replacement cost. A home appraisal refers to what the house can be listed and sold for, but not necessarily what rebuilding entails. The gap between the following replacement and resale value issues may cause some controversy without a baseline measure.

  • Cost of Labor
  • Increased Cost of Materials
  • Specialized or High-End Materials
  • Cost of Razing a Property
  • Updated Building and Safety Codes

Fortunately for industry professionals, the Douglas Cost Guide provides fair, accurate and transparent rebuild estimates that can be shared with homeowners and other parties. Enjoying the full agreement of all stakeholders helps industry professionals and homeowners alike to move forward with a timely rebuild.

Get Reliable Replacement Cost for 2 Storey House with Douglas Cost Guide

Although 2 storey homes come with specific replacement cost challenges, the Douglas Cost Guide helps bring everyone to the table and avoid potential disagreements. Both the online and hard copy resource allows all parties to review and understand how an estimate was determined and include any pertinent nuances. The Douglas Residential Cost Guide has a reputation for impartial excellence and remains the industry’s go-to resource.

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