There are prevalent factors that may prevent key stakeholders from agreeing on a residential replacement cost. One of them involves agreeing on the general cost of various components / features such as materials and labour. Another area that often lacks consensus is the unique elements of a particular home. A prime example of a residential property that can elude a standardized replacement cost estimation system is the fieldstone home. Fortunately, the Douglas Residential Cost Guide brings together decades of home design expertise with the latest data for a more accurate home replacement cost calculation. 

Why Estimating the Replacement Cost of a Fieldstone Home Proves Challenging

Many of the naturally beautiful Canadian fieldstone homes date back centuries. Some were erected by settlers in the 1500s. Over the centuries, European immigrants employed specialized construction techniques that differ from contemporary designs. The materials used to build these homes were not purchased at local building supply stores. They were pulled from the surrounding fields, making them inherently local. In terms of replacing a fieldstone home to its yesteryear lustre, there are substantial cost challenges. These include the following. 

1. Materials:

Replicating the beauty of a fieldstone home calls for local stone. These materials surfaced after massive glaciers retreated. Matching the stones tends to be a cost escalator. 

2. Labour: 

The average cost of a mason may not be applicable when replacing a fieldstone home. Within the industry, stonemasons are usually considered niche professionals. The cost per hour can be vastly different from bricklayers and concrete workers. 

3. Building Techniques: 

It is not possible to replicate the traditional building processes used by various settlers. But fieldstone home construction generally requires additional form support to keep stones in place until the concrete cures. It can be a painstaking and labour-intensive process. 

Estimating the replacement cost of a fieldstone home involves wide-reaching factors generally not present in modern construction. Even if the structure is relatively new, materials, labour, and building techniques cannot be accurately calculated using conventional square-footage methods. 

Douglas Residential Cost Guide Accounts for Fieldstone Home Nuances

The Douglas Residential Cost Guide earned an industry-leading reputation by bringing together detailed information about home designs across the spectrum. The go-to online and hardcopy resource is routinely updated with the latest costs. Because the Douglas Residential Cost Guide is user-friendly, homeowners and professionals across industries can arrive at mutually agreeable estimates for fieldstone home replacements.