What You Need to Know About Homeowner’s Insurance After a Tornado

A tornado can be devastating. If your home has been damaged or destroyed by a tornado, you have to deal with the emotional aspects of losing your home. Insurance can help with the material aspects of the loss. After a tornado, homeowners may be left wondering if their house insurance policy covers tornado damage?

The exact amount of coverage varies based on your type of policy. Replacement cost provides coverage to put your home back in the same state it was in before the tornado. Actual cash value coverage, in contrast, covers the cost of repairs or replacement less depreciation. Both of these policies cover the following expenses:

Immediate Emergency Home Repairs

After a tornado, your home may need emergency services to prevent additional damage, and homeowner’s insurance covers these costs. For example, if your roof is damaged or windows are broken, your policy will cover the cost of tarping the roof or boarding up the windows to prevent additional damage.

Home Repairs

Emergency repairs are just stop-gap measures to ensure that no more damage occurs to your home. Of course, your insurance company also pays for permanent repairs. For instance, if you have a tarp placed on your roof to prevent water from getting inside, you will eventually need a new roof or extensive replacements. When you schedule those repairs, the insurance policy covers these costs as well.

Debris Removal and Site Clean-up

Homeowner’s policies also cover the cost of removing debris from your property. Whether the debris is due to damage to your home or has flown there from other locations, insurance pays for removal and clean-up.

Personal Property Replacement

Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t just cover the structure of your home and your property. It also covers your personal property and the contents of your home. The value of this coverage may vary depending on your policy. For instance, some homeowners get special coverage for valuable jewelry or art.

Loss-of-Use Coverage

The loss-of-use coverage in a homeowner’s insurance policy covers expenses incurred if you must temporarily move out of your home. This includes hotel or other lodging fees, but it also includes food. The insurance companies understand that when you are not in your home you will incur extra food expenses. The loss-of-use coverage can also be used for incidentals such as toothbrushes or clothing if needed.

Generally, any losses incurred due to a tornado are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, but the exact coverage varies based on your policy. Contact your insurance agent to learn more about the exact details of your policy and to ensure that you have ample coverage in the event of a tornado or other disaster.

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