How to Estimate the Replacement Cost of Beef Facilities & Cattle Barns

If your beef facility suffers severe damage, it is essential to rebuild promptly to eliminate down time. Estimating the replacement cost accurately is essential to prevent cost overruns. It is common for some cattle farmers to underestimate replacement costs, but it is important to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage in the event of a fire or other structural damage. Because the Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide accounts for the most current cost drivers, it remains the go-to resource for estimating replacement costs of facilities used in the beef industry. 

Estimating the Rebuild Cost of Facilities for Cattle 

Contemporary beef facilities no longer reflect yesteryear simplicity. Calculating the replacement cost of a modern beef facility leans on standardized measurements that include:   

  • wall height 
  • square footage 
  • roof type

Along with structural designs, the handling of manure, feed storage, cattle handling and processing, make beef facilities increasingly complex. That is why owners and their insurers need a reliable costing guide that provides the most current data available. 

Additional Factors to Consider when Estimating Replacement Cost 

Newer cattle handling structures may not resemble those of the past. The following issues may affect the replacement cost of a beef facility:   

Materials Used to Build the Cattle Handling Facility 

The building materials used for the structure are included in the calculation of the rebuild cost. Cattle handling facilities can be built with materials ranging from wood to metal. These materials will impact the durability of the structure and have direct relation to the replacement cost. 

Foundation of the Structure:  

The foundation of beef facility not only plays a role in efficiency, but also comes into consideration when calculating the replacement cost. From solid floors to concrete slates, the Douglas cost guide keeps the base of your building in mind when providing an accurate estimate.  

Slope of the Roof:  

Cattle handling facilities can take on a number of roof designs from mono-slope to gable roofs. The slope and style of roof is a contributing factor when estimating the rebuild cost for the structure.  

Douglas Cost Guide Delivers Reliable Estimates for Replacement Costs of Cattle Barns 

The Douglas Agricultural Cost Guide brings more than 30 years of experience to the table and is designed for flexible use. The system offers cattle farmers reliable estimates and ongoing subscriptions for people in trades such as insurance, construction, and lending, among others. As the gold standard in reliable agricultural replacement estimates, the Douglas system can be leveraged online or in a hard-copy format.