Benefits of Using Douglas Residential Cost Guide to Determine the Replacement Cost for Residential Occupancies

Your house is not just a place to protect you from the ever-changing elements of Canadian weather patterns, it is where you rest your head at night; a place to keep your children safe; a place to spend lazy Sunday mornings and Christmas dinners; a place to build memories. Your house is a home, a refuge, your own little corner of the world. It is also one of your most important assets. It is for these reasons, and so many others, that it’s imperative that your home’s replacement cost is accurately calculated. Of course, insurance companies have their own replacement cost tools, however, insurance is not the only use for replacement cost, and it can be a little unsettling to trust such an important piece of information to an unknown system. Fear not, Douglas Residential Cost Guide can help.

Developed for Canadian Residential Properties

Douglas Residential Cost Guide has been carefully researched, developed, compiled, and published right here in Canada using only Canadian pricing data. Douglas Cost Guides’ creator, a retired member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, is a leading expert in appraisal and evaluation with over 30-years’ experience in site inspection, property appraisal/evaluation, and real estate appraisal. The residential cost guide was specifically developed for Canadian’s, utilizing extensive research in Canadian residential construction, market trends, and other industry data to create a cost guide using Canadian data, unique to Canadian property owners.

Trusted by Industry Professionals

It is due to this expertise and extensive research that the Douglas Residential Cost Guide is a recognized and respected costing tool trusted by industry players: banks and financial institutions, corporations, lawyers, accountants, and the Canadian insurance industry all recognizing the Douglas Residential Cost Guide as a trusted, accurate costing tool.

Created by extensive Canadian residential research, the residential cost guide provides costing details for:

  • Bungalows/ 1-storey dwellings
  • Raised ranches/ bi-level-style homes
  • Side splits and backs split residences
  • 1-½, 1-¾ and to 2 story homes
  • Victorian double and triple brick dwellings
  • Fieldstone homes
  • High-value and historic dwellings
  • Semi-detached residences

Assist with Financial Management & Planning

Utilizing the residential costing tool has many great benefits that extend beyond insurance purposes. In addition to helping you ensure your home is properly insured and ample coverage is in place, the residential cost guide can also help with financial management and planning.

Home Renovation

If you’re looking to complete extensive renovations in your home, or construct an addition to your existing residence, utilizing the residential cost guide can help you determine the amount of funding required for your project.

Planning for Property Improvements, Financing & Disputes

The Douglas Residential Cost Guide can help with financial planning and management for larger home projects. The cost guide calculation can also assist in: obtaining financing for projects, settling legal disputes, insurance coverage recommendations, insurance claims settlements, etc.

Accurate Canadian Residential Costing Data

To account for the ever-changing market trends, increasing construction costs, and other additional data that is considered, the residential cost guide is updated as market trends, research and other data indicates, to reflect the most recent and accurate costing details. The cost guide also factors in location adjustments to accommodate different costing and trends in each of the Canadian provinces.

Canada Revenue Agency approved, the Douglas Residential Cost Guide has been carefully crafted with you and your home in mind. It has been developed over the course of many years by Canada’s industry experts and has set the Canadian standard for replacement cost estimations. Douglas Residential Cost Guide was proudly created by Canadian’s, for Canadians. Let us help you care for your most valued asset. With the Douglas Residential Cost Guide, your home is in good hands.